Why Beans and Bubbles?

It is quite straightforward – the two things I absolutely love – and that is the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans (and obviously a good cup of coffee) and the taste of a good champagne (or bubbles like we all like to call it).  And what makes it even more loveable is the special moments that goes with it –  when you share it with the people you love.  The way it makes you feel to drink a good cup of coffee is unique in itself, and usually drinking a glass of champagne goes hand-in-hand with a happy celebration.  So why won’t I love it?

My biggest struggle during my pregnancy was the fact that I gained weight and I became bigger and bigger (which is quite normal when you are pregnant).  But somehow, I struggle to come to terms with that idea.  A very daunting experience, especially for someone who has always struggled with her weight, who always has been the bigger girl in the group, and who decided to live a healthy lifestyle and to always be as fit as she can be. 

And then after my boy was born, I was still stuck with my big unfit body and all the pregnancy hormones that goes with it…  And yes, I suffered from the terrible postpartum depression because of that.

I managed to pull myself together and I started my pre-pregnancy fitness journey.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I can look at myself in the mirror again and actually like what I see.  I fit into my clothes again.  I have energy.  I am lovable.  I get compliments for how good I look.  And I just feel good again.

I have re-assessed my life and I have decided that I want to share my stories, my experiences, and my knowledge.  I want to talk about good coffee and champagne, delicious food, friends and family as well as health and fitness.  I want to help women out there who struggles with the same issues I did.  My goal is to help them see their true beauty which they don’t see anymore.  I want to help new moms to experience motherhood as a wonderful journey and not “the end of your life”.

So, basically, “Beans&Bubbles” is like the word in itself, about this and about that.  About the serious stuff but also about the light-hearted stuff.  About professional advice and then just about my personal experiences.  Things that worked for me and that helped me found myself, helped me to love myself again and helped me to see my true beauty.