Who is Gretha Garnett?

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I am an Afrikaans girl who was born and raised in a small town called Polokwane.  I was once told never to speak English in public…  Well, you can just imagine what a big complex I had about speaking English.  And then, to top it all, I ended up in the big city, Johannesburg, to start my first job, my internship after studying Biokinetics (which in South Africa is similar to physical therapy – it is basically rehabilitation of injuries and treatment of chronic diseases through the application of the correct exercises – so, an expert in physical activity and movement).  My biggest fear at that point in time became my reality, the majority of people speak English…  I was forced to speak English, in public!  Well, I survived.  It turned out to be, not so bad after all.

A few years later, I met a guy (a setup patient, which is a nice story in itself) who then became my husband…  And yes, you guessed it, an Englishman!  And yes, we are happily married, and I do speak English to him and in public now!

I am a qualified Biokineticist and I have a successful private practice.  I have been practicing for twelve years now and I just love helping people achieve their goals, overcome an injury or just teach them how to manage a chronic disease through the application of correct exercises.  I am an exercise fanatic.  My hobby is being outdoors and being active.  I used to be a provincial swimmer and netball player in my younger days and then I’ve discovered cycling.  I just love riding my road bike as well as getting dirty on my mountain bike.

Twelve months ago, I gave birth to the most gorgeous little boy who came and changed my life upside down.  One of the best things, besides getting married to my best friend, my amazing husband, that ever happened to me.  I have learned, grow and changed so much in this past twelve months, it is almost unbelievable that a little person can have such an impact on your life.  I have re-evaluated my life and that is why I am here today, I want to share my stories, my experiences and my opinions straight from my heart.

Before we had our baby boy, my husband and I was avid cyclists, and we still are but time is obviously our biggest enemy at the moment.  My husband bought my first ever road bike at the end of 2012 and I rode my first ever cycling race in March 2013.  Well, that was just the beginning.  He got me back onto my mountain biking again (I had a bad crash in 2007 where I broke my right wrist quite badly – two years of struggling and four surgeries later, my wrist is as good as new), and we rode our first mountain bike stage race together in 2015 (and finished in the top 30 mixed categories).  For some couples, riding together destroy them and their marriages, but for us, it is something that make us stronger as a couple – it is our special time – train together to stay together.

It is our goal as parents to teach our boy healthy living and healthy habits.  We want him to enjoy being active and help him develop a love for nature and the outdoors (which he already does).

I am an outdoor person and I absolutely love the bush and nature.  For some people, going on safari, it is all about seeing the big 5, but for me… I love absolutely everything about the bush; from the smallest little insect to the gracious movements of a giraffe.  I love to just sit and listen to the different sounds that is coming from the bush, to hear the different calls from the birds and to see their beautiful colours in the perfect light, to see the interaction between a pack of wild dogs (and the alpha female keeping up with them but only having 3 legs), to watch a Kudu or a Nyala move through the bushes without their horns getting stuck amazes me every time.  The bush is my “reset” place, when I need a break from the city rush.

But then there is the beach and the ocean…  Another soft spot!  To go deep sea diving and to experience the underwater beauty is something you can’t explain to someone.  To swim in the ocean and dive into the waves makes me feel like a child.  But to sit and look at the ocean and listen to its “noise” has such a calming effect on me, and that is why I opted for a beach wedding…  Carefree, calming and relaxing which was so not what happened at our wedding, which is a nice story in itself.

There is two other things in my life I absolutely love, and that is, coffee and champagne.  And yes, that is where the name Beans and Bubbles originated from…