Where it all started!

Can you remember that feeling you had the night before your birthday when you were a little kid?

23 February 2019 was a day like that for me!

Mrs. South Africa Roadshow, the start of my new journey!

I was excited but also extremely nervous.  I did not know what to expect.  But what I did know, was the fact that I have entered for the Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa 2019 competition.  For someone who has never done any kind of modelling, or pageants, it was a daunting thought.  But for those who knows me, know that I am always up for a challenge and I will give it my 110%.

Does it perhaps sound like I am competitive?

From the moment I’ve entered and I’ve decided that I am going to do this, I gave it my all.  I have decided and I have committed.  There is no half measures.  I’ve promised myself to participate in every event, be available and make an effort with each and every event.

When you do competitions, you know where your weak points are and that is the areas you have to give extra attention to.  In my case, it is hair and makeup because yes, I grew up as the “tom boy” kind of girl and my everyday look is the “no makeup” kind of look and a quick ponytail…  

Things have changed!

So, my hair done, makeup done and I am on my way!  Mixed emotions!  And then my worst nightmare came true… I had to walk in my high heels, which felt like 10 kilometers at the time, for the first time in a very long time!  That took a lot of effort!  Especially for someone whose wedding shoes were slops and I even went barefoot when I had the opportunity.  Oh my goodness!  For feet that is used to sneakers every single day!  You can just imagine how my poor feet must have felt. 

I deserve a prize for that at least.

And then things got real!

They have set up a stage and chairs.  It looks very glamorous!  And the chairs start to fill up and I look around me at all the ladies who probably feel the same way as I do but at that point in time, I thought I was the only one who was filled with all the mixed emotions.

The current queen arrived!

Oh my word! She is beautiful!

And I got to take a picture with her!

And guess what? She is also from Polokwane!

They spoke about the Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa competition.  Explained what it is all about.  Answered questions to those who had questions.

And still, at that point in time, I was filled with all sorts of mixed emotions.  But yet also, I was ready for this new journey ahead.

Exciting times!

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