Mrs. SA journey feedback comeback…

Do you allow people's opinions to have an effect on your life?

I have fallen into that trap once again.  I have allowed people’s opinions to make me doubt myself.  I started to repeat their negative talk and took ownership for it.  And that lead to me pulling back and stop talking about me and my journey.

Why would people want to listen to my story?

What makes me so special?

I was so motivated and determined to tell people about my journey and about my experiences.  I was hoping that I would be able to inspire at least on person through my personal experiences.  At that moment as I was on the top of the world, I got knocked off my wave and I climbed into my shell of rejection and lost my inspiration.

I kept quiet. I've decided to keep my journey to myself.

And then one day I got asked the question:

When are we receiving our next newsletter? I always look forward to open your email and to read your stories.

That made me realize once again, there is always going to be haters.  There is always going to be people that will be stuck in the place they are and who doesn’t want to change.  It is a proven fact, people don’t like change.  They don’t want to change themselves and they hate it even more if they see others change.  But it doesn’t mean that I have to own their opinions and make it my own.  It is okay for me to evolve and become the best version of me.  And in my journey, reach someone who needs the motivation and inspiration.  Someone who is ready to receive.

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