A Wife

to an Englishman

I survived my first four years in the big scary city, Johannesburg. Everybody was wanting to set me up and I had several unsuccessful blind dates. A few years later, I met a guy (yes, you have guessed it, a patient of mine – but to back myself a little bit… it was a setup by his sister and an employee of mine, which I believe, is one of the nicest love stories) who then became my husband…  And yes, you guessed again, an Englishman!  And yes, we are happily married, and I do speak English to him and in public now, and yes, he does understand me, or so he says!

We enjoy travelling and making memories. The beach is one of our favorite places and also the place where we got married.

We love going to the bush. It is a place where we can recharge and appreciate the special interactions of the animals, from the smallest insects, the beauty of the birds and the serenity of the animals.

We share the same love and interest in traveling, coffee, good food, tasty wine and riding bikes and being active.