It has started

It is times like this when I really don’t like the fact that I suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Yes, I am a perfectionist and sometimes I really hate it. I suppose I could’ve gone live with my blog a long time ago already, but… I wanted to create and have the perfect website the world will see and I have spent hours, weeks and months trying to figure out the ins and outs about creating my perfect site… Yes, I know, these things take time and yes, my website will probably change a few hundred times after today. I got all excited about my website at the end of last year and I announced that my website is almost done… Well, my first failure! My website sucked and I still had no blog stories because I still wasn’t sure how to go about writing and publishing my stories… So I started again… And I have created a completely new website with a completely different look and feel. And I figured out how to write and post my stories. But now I actually don’t have any excuses anymore…

I honestly think that my biggest problem was fear. I was scared! I was scared people will judge me. I was scared people will criticize me. I was scared people will not like what they see and what they read.

And guess what? I have decided that that is also okay. Not everybody is going to like my website or my stories. Not everybody is going to like me. And yes, I am sure a lot of people is going to judge me and my stories. But you know what, that is okay. Their judgment and their criticism are not me and who I am.

I have decided to take the plunge, and to just do it. No matter what. And hey, what do I have to loose? Nothing! But, what do I have to gain? I am not sure yet, but I am excited about it.

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