We as women, are our own worst enemies!

We compare ourselves with other women all the time!

But not the real women.  We compare with the “perfect” women in the magazines.  For some reason we think the celebrities have it easy and have it all.

But you know what?

Even the celebrities, the cover models, and the women we think are better than us have their problems and their struggles.  Especially when it comes to motherhood.

They also suffer from postpartum depression. They also struggle to loose the excess weight. And everything else that goes with motherhood.

And they also aim to be the perfect mother in an imperfect world.

I want to encourage women to discover their true beauty and to love themselves for who and what they are – I want them to see that they should not compare themselves with the models in the magazines and they don’t need to be a cover model to be beautiful and to love themselves.  

I want women to see that the celebrities also have their struggles.  They also battle with sleepless nights, with dirty nappies and high temperatures.  They also want to loose the extra baby weight and look good for the cameras again because that is their income. 

But all of this doesn’t just happen.  They also need a support system.  They also need to make time to get their bodies back into shape.  They skip training sessions because of over tiredness.

But you know what? It is okay. And we all can learn from one another.

It doesn't mean because you are a mother you should let go of yourself and lose your true beauty.

I hope you enjoy these interviews and I hope you find a piece of comfort in reading the celebrities' stories.