Finding your lost soul…

How to get back into training after a few weeks break?

I ended my 2018 on a fitness high.  I was fit and strong.  I looked good and I felt amazing.  I achieved my personal weight and fitness goals I set myself at the beginning of 2018.  It made me feel like a champion to have managed to achieve my goals.  Yes, it DID NOT happen overnight.  It was a year long journey.  I had great intentions to keep it up during the festive season, but….

Needless to say, that DID NOT happen!  And you know what?  

It is okay to take a break from training!

Physically, your body needs a break from training.  Rest and recovery is one of the most important but most neglect things in people’s training programmes.  

Emotionally, you need to take a break and recharge from the training.  Set new goals and decide where you want to go.  And if you want to stay where you are, that is also okay.

Even though it was the festive season, I did not overindulge.  That for me, is the most important part about training and eating and the main reason why I don’t believe in diets.  I still managed to eat fairly healthy and if I came across an opportunity to indulge, I enjoyed a drink or a treat BUT all in moderation. 

I am proud to say, that I have not gained any weight.

I  managed to keep my weight exactly the same as before the festive season.  

You probably ask, but how did I manage to do it?

My 5 TIPS to a fitter and healthier you in 2019:

  1. Write down your goals.  They have to be small and achievable with the big picture in mind.  Don’t work towards the big picture thinking you are going to use an escalator.  Unfortunately, you will have to use the stairs (which is your small achievable goals).
  2. Decide, commit and start, slowly.  Remember, don’t try and break world records in your first session.  Take it easy and gradually get back into it.
  3. Get yourself a heartrate monitor.  Make sure you are training at the correct intensity and you are not over-training.  To improve your fitness levels doesn’t mean you have to push your heart into the red the whole time, all the time.
  4. Work within your heartrate zones and if that means you have to run/walk, then you do just that.  But if you train with a heartrate monitor, you can actually monitor that.  As you get fitter, the walking gets less and the running gets more.
  5. Don’t starve yourself.  Eat a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet.  When you start to train, your body needs the energy.  But once again, moderation.  Don’t think you can eat more because you are training.

Remember, the biggest part about getting fit and loosing weight...

Your mindset!

If you are going to think about training and eating as “the enemy” and you are going to keep on telling yourself how much you hate it, it is going to be very hard!  Change your mindset.  Think positive thoughts about training and about your eating.  Convince yourself that training is good for you.  Tell yourself that exercise is fun and you always feel better afterwards, then it will start getting easier.  When you start to buy healthier food, prepare healthier meals and tell yourself that a healthy eating plan is tasty and nice, it will start to get easier to follow a healthy eating plan.

Anybody can do it! And so can you!

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