10 Benefits of Coffee

I think there is only one person I know who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee.  Otherwise, most people, me included, like coffee.  And like I have mentioned before, there is benefits in almost everything.  And yes, you’ve guessed it, there is quite a few benefits in drinking coffee which I am very happy about.

One of the non-scientific benefits of coffee for me...

It made me fall in love with my husband (who used to be a patient of mine)...

Yes, that is a fairytale story in its own which I will share with you one day over a good cup of coffee.

My series of three "10 Benefits" continues...

My second series... Coffee!

And what makes coffee so interesting... the varieties and the different methods.

I honestly think that coffee is a form of art in its own way.  From selecting the beans, roasting, grinding, and then drinking – each process has its own technique and require a special form of craftsmanship.  And yet, there is so much to learn about everything coffee.

Some people enjoy a shot of espresso, others like an easy latté.  And then you get people who also enjoy an instant “cuppa”.  

There is some fun facts some people might know and others don't...

Some people enjoy a shot of espresso.  But is it because of the caffeine or because they enjoy the taste?  Some people believe that a shot of espresso contains the highest quantity of caffeine and believe it will help them get their “caffeine kick”…  Well, sorry to burst your bubble, that is not true…  Espresso does not have the highest amount of caffeine in it.

What type of coffee will give you your caffeine fix?

... The good old Filter Coffee!

Yes, that brewed coffee you get at the hotel’s continental breakfast has the highest quantity of caffeine in it!  More than an espresso.

Believe it or not!

But let's rather see what the 10 benefits of coffee is:

And the first interesting thing I have noticed…  A lot of similarities between the benefits of water and coffee!

1. Stimulates energy

Most of us are familiar with the way a cup of coffee stimulates our energy with its caffeine content.

It is invaluable to most of us to have that first cup in the morning to kick-start the day. Or for some it is the turning point in a stressful situation when you struggle to complete a task when natural energy has been depleted. 

The fix is in that cup!

2. High antioxidant qualities

The human body is involved in a constant struggle to resist toxic substances absorbed in some way or another.

Coffee possesses valuable antioxidant properties. This means that when you drink that cup of coffee, as well as boosting your energy, you help clean out those toxins from your body. 

This being said, it helps your body fight inflammation but...

It is NOT an anti-inflammotory!

3. A key to longevity?

One of the fascinating claims made about the value of coffee drinking is... that it can extend your lifespan!

Yes, you’ve heard me!  Extend your lifespan!  How awesome is that?  A number of academic studies suggest that regular coffee drinkers live longer than those who do not drink any and apparently there is some disputes around these findings in the scientific circles.  Well, I will go with the “live longer” theory!

If coffee drinking reduces the risk of disease, I suppose people will consequently live longer?

4. Keep thin by drinking coffee

If you're one of the multitudes of people struggling with a weight problem you're going to be delighted!

Coffee drinking might actually help you to slim down. There is a certain amount of evidence that coffee causes an increase in metabolic rates and this helps burn up excess body fat. 

5. Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

The increase of diabetics is a major health concern across the western world. There are hopes that the medicinal properties of coffee may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Based on the findings of University of Harvard Dr. Hu, it appears there is a clear correlation between the amount of coffee drunk and lower type 2 diabetes risks. He found that each cup drank reduced this risk by 9%. 

Even though this evidence is encouraging, people still need to exercise and eat a healthy diet to improve their chances of avoiding this disease.

6. Protection against Alzheimer's

This degenerative, debilitating disease appears to be increasing in frequency although this is certainly in part due to more people reaching advanced ages.  Current findings lend some support to claims coffee drinking might lower the risk, but much more research is needed to draw definite conclusions.

Whether or not coffee drinkers have less chance of developing Alzheimer's disease is one of the issues under investigation in research.

7. Who needs performance-boosting drugs?

Certain researchers claim that if athletes drink coffee before they exercise this stimulus booster can improve their abilities by at least ten percent. 

These researchers argue that coffee leads to higher oxygen consumption while exercising and it encourages the body to break up fat into energy.

8. A boost to mental health

In addition to creating physical energy, is it possible that coffee drinking also contributes to emotional wellbeing? Its role as a relaxant is popular knowledge, but some studies suggest it goes much further than this. 

Research done by the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that women who drank four or more cups per day reduce their risk of developing depression by a fifth.

How awesome is that?

Another study suggested that regular coffee drinkers are less likely to become suicidal.

9. Decreases risks of developing heart disease

Heart disease is now a major cause of death in developed countries. Anything that could reduce the risks of developing this disease is certain to receive an enthusiastic welcome. 

The humble cup of coffee might be just what is needed!

They found that three cups per day is enough to lower the chances of developing heart disease. 

10. Helps prevent Parkinson's disease

It seems that coffee drinkers are less likely to get this debilitating disease even if their genetic makeup makes them more prone to it. 

Additional evidence also shows that people with Parkinson’s disease are less likely to be coffee drinkers than their healthy brothers and sister, but it also indicates they are less likely to smoke cigarettes!

So, basically...

Enjoy your cup of coffee!

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